What is DocWire On Campus?

DocWire On Campus is a new service that streamlines access to reading the Full-Text documents on the app whenever you’re on a campus. When a physician is browsing abstracts of articles in the app, tapping on the article will take them directly to the Full Text version of the article. Without DocWire On Campus, the physician is first taken to a full page with just the abstract and then must tap on “Read Full Text” button on this page to access the Full Text. DocWire On Campus eliminates this extra click-thru and makes the reading experience more efficient, giving you access to the complete information even more quickly.

Why are we offering it?

Faster Full-Text access is the top feature physicians ask for when using any reading app, including DocWire. The DocWire On Campus service speeds up access to the information that physicians working in the academic environment want and need.

How do I get it for my institution?

Activating DocWire On Campus for your institution is easy. Contact us at 732.490.55.30 or [email protected] and we’ll provide the details. DocWire On Campus can be up and running on your campus within a day.

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